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“What melody will our rivers remember if songbirds forget how to sing?”
― Sheniz Janmohamed

Institutional Partners

A list of institutions that have worked shoulder to shoulder with FCT in a great variety of conservation projects.

Fondo Ambiente Nacional del Ecuador (National Environmental Fund of Ecuador4). 

  • Delimit 42 kilometers of the southern tier of Sangay National Park, within Phase II of the project “Consolidación del Corredor de Conservación Cordillera del Cóndor-Kutukú (Consolidation of the Biocorridor Cordillera del Condor-Kutukú)”

CELEC-Hidropaute (Corporación Eléctrica del Ecuador-EP/Public Enterprise Electrical Corporation of Ecuador).  Cooperative agreements in the Mazar, Dudas and Llavircay watersheds to

  • Carry out a pilot program of silvopastoral techniques in the buffer zone of Sangay National Park;

  • Generate conservation agreements with landowners in conjunction with silvopastoral interventions;

  • Establish a hydrologic monitoring system on the Mazar River; and

  • Establish a community park guard program to protect wild habitats within Sangay National Park.

Municipio de Azogues (Cañar) (Municipality of Azogues, Cañar), in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment, Azogues. 

  • Produce a land registry and cadaster of private properties within the southern portion of Sangay National Park.

FONAPA (Fondo del Agua para la Conservación de la Cuenca del Río Paute/Water Trust Fund for the Conservation of the Paute Watershed)

  • Develop a stream monitoring program in four páramo and montane forest catchments.

University of Wisconsin-Madison (Gaylord Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies). 

  • Define community perceptions of wildlife and the conflicts of different species with private property owners and their property; and

  • Research bear habitats and territories and the role of bio-corridors within the buffer zone of southern Sangay National Park.

University of Vermont. 

  • Monitor and model Mazar River stream behavior in conjunction with the Universidad Politécnica Salesiana, Cuenca; and

  • Integrate a university hydrologist in the management of stream monitoring equipment and the analysis of data.

CELEC-HidroAzogues and the Rivera Parish Government. 

  • Carry out a silvopastoral intervention in Rivera parish with the aim or reducing the production of sediments within the watersheds in which HidroAzogues generates hydro-electricity.

Ministerio del Ambiente (MAE/Ministry of the Environment), Azogues office.  Numerous collaborations, including:

  • Coordinate with community park guards in southern Sangay National Park;

  • Develop an early-warning system of illegal land use change in Sangay NP, using satellite imagery; and

  • Coordinate scientific research permissions and the sharing of research results.

Gruber Fellowship in Global Justice (in conjunction with Yale University) 

Design a green highway, in collaboration with local residents, which connects a remote village within Sangay National Parks to the nearest road-accessed village.